Here at Mallorca Solutions we understand how important it is to be prepared for every situation, after all peace of mind is priceless. The good thing is that we can make paperwork and insurance happen hand in hand all under one umbrella.

We offer a variety of personalised products and services for individuals, families and businesses. We work with 34 different insurance companies and we are proud to belong to one of the most reputable insurance brokers on the island, Planas & Partners. Mallorca Solutions heads up the Expat department, so there are no language barriers. Our team is bilingual and our clients needs are our top priority.

We are here to help you decide which insurance policy best fits your needs. Perhaps you would like to review your existing insurance policies to ensure you have the correct cover and not being over charged.

Our job is to be your only point of contact taking the stress away from numerous mundane phone calls and emails. Treatments authorisations, what Dr’s to use, payment errors, changes to policy, etc to name a few of a non exhaustive list.

Some of our most popular insurance cover:

  • Private Medical
  • Life & Funeral Plans
  • Vehicle Insurance: cars, motorbikes, vans, company fleets.
  • Boats, jet skis
  • Business Insurance: premises, employees, public liability…
  • Pet Insurance: illness, accident, public liability, bereavement cover.
  • Home Insurance: building, content, public liability, holiday rental and tenant protection
  • Travel Insurance: single & annual trip, family cover.

Once you’ve made your decision, we can make it happen!

The Stress Free Solution to Residence in Mallorca

Do you live here in Mallorca and find coping with endless paperwork or the spanish language difficult?