Official Spanish Paper Work

NIE Number

This is an identification number for foreign citizens. It is necessary if you wish to purchase a house, a car, etc. You should obtain this number if you are only going to be in the country for up to 90 days per year.

Residency Certificate

European citizens who are residing in Spain no longer receive a resident’s card (picture ID), instead it is now a residency certificate (green ID size paper card) and you need this if you reside in Spain for more than 90 days per year.

Social Security Number

The Spanish social security system is much like the British one: you pay your contributions every month, and that entitles you to a pension, unemployment benefit, sick pay, maternity pay and the right to receive free healthcare. The amount of pension or benefit you receive depends on the level of contributions you have been paying. You must obtain this number in order to work in Spain and to apply for your NHS health card; it is also needed for any paperwork relating to your work history.

Pension Application

If you are residing in Spain you need to apply for your pension through Spain regardless of where the pension is coming from (i.e. the UK).

Passport Administration

Assistance with the paperwork involved, when applying for first time or replacement passports.

Birth Certificate Assistance

Administration and liaison with the appropriate local authorities to enable you to register the birth of your baby.

Registering at the Tax Office

In order to enable you to pay or receive any sort of taxes here in Spain (buying a car, yearly tax declaration, importing a car, self employment, benefits and maternity grants), you need to first be registered at the tax office.

Opening a bank account

If you are opening a bank account and require assistance with translating or any of the process involved, we can help. We work very closely with Banco Sabadell Atlantico in Palma Nova.

Set up a PO Box at the post office

If you don’t live in your property all year round or you live in a rural area then you may require a PO Box to make your postal delivery easier. You can also have all post diverted to a European address.

Obtaining a CRB Certificate/Police check for work circumstances

When you apply for work with certain authorities, in some countries they may request that you obtain a police check (CRB), we can arrange this for you.

The Stress Free Solution to Residence in Mallorca

Do you live here in Mallorca and find coping with endless paperwork or the spanish language difficult?