Guide to Selling a Property

How do we Market your Property?

We will use our knowledge of the market to develop a marketing strategy for your property enabling us to achieve the best possible price.

We answer the two main questions ‘what is my property worth?’ and ‘what price should I market it for?’

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We then create an accurate description of your property, highlighting all the features and benefits of the property ensuring maximum impact, along with photos and if relevant videos as well.

For sale, boards are an effective marketing tool – capturing the local market and backing up your website listing.

Research shows that approximately 90% of property sales are now made via the internet.

We market our website using an array of online and offline marketing strategies – ensuring that your property will receive maximum exposure locally and internationally, our strategies include;

  • Our Website.
  • Social Media Platforms Including Instagram and Facebook.
  • Celebrity Magazine.
  • Radio Stations.
  • Local Newspapers.
  • Through matching customers’ needs and direct mailing to customers
  • Through Property Portals in The UK and here in Spain Including: Idealista,, Zoopla, Kyero,, Habitaclia,Fotocasa, marketplace and others.
  • Through Real Estates United a property platform of over 76 Estate Agents.
  • Through our many other Partners and Collaborating Parties in and around Spain.


It is imperative that the property is presented and prepared in the best light before we take the photos.
Before viewings, some key facts to consider are;

Declutter – remember less is more, we recommend that you declutter ruthlessly before marketing the property, at best get the items out of the house and at worst, put everything away that is not a potential benefit to the buyer.

Open any shutters and curtains to let in as much natural light as possible. Open up doors and windows to let in fresh air and if it causes a breeze on a hot day even better.
Think of what time of day is the best for the photos to be taken and for the clients coming to view, try to steer viewings to those times where possible. For example:- when is the sun on the garden/terrace/balcony or the swimming pool and at what time ?

Think about is there a quieter time of day:- Avoid rush hour times (where applicable) if your property is near to a school or a main road or if there is any building or renovations going on nearby that may cause unwanted noise.

Gardens – first impressions really do help sell, so if your front garden is overrun and looks untidy, give us a call, we can recommend gardeners who can cut back and prepare the space at a very low cost, declutter outside as well as inside, it really helps.

Be clear, open and honest with your agent about any problems with the house, buyers love to see properties knowing the facts. It is a fact of life in Spain that many houses are not 100% legal and that previous owners have made alterations without the correct permissions.

In nearly all cases, these issues can be rectified easily and cheaply, but nothing worries a buyer more to have issues discovered part way through the sales process, it can easily crash deals when issues crawl out of the woodwork at the last stages.

Tell us, we can advise both you and the buyer as to the best course of action.

Get all of the paperwork in place and kept in a folder altogether prior to the first viewing, buyers love to see a prepared and organised home owner, it makes the whole process more transparent and trustful.

Ask our advice which documents you will need to sell the house, the list is ever changing, so give us a call and we can always advise.
Make our agent your friend, we love to work with sellers who help the process and it makes everyone much happier and all things smoother in the end.
Selling can be a quick and easy process, but this needs you the seller to be ready and able, ask us for advice, that’s what we are here for, to help you sell

There is no fixed fee when it comes to selling a property in Spain as there are many factors that influence the amount of taxes to pay. Generally speaking in Spain on average the seller will end up paying around 23% on the profit made from selling the property .

Think about any of these fees you may need to pay out :

Cancellation of Mortgage Fees

Property Taxes – Your Gestor will advise you of this. Know your tax situation as it is very complex.

Agency commission
(between 3%-6%)

Capital gains tax
(variable 19%,21%,23% for 2020)

Income Tax Provision (Retención
(3% non-residents only)

Energy certificate
(between 100-500 euros)

Cedula de Habilidad (Between 150-250 euros)

Plusvalía – The plusvalía is a tax over the increase of the value of the ground the property is on. This is paid to the local town hall. The plusvalía is calculated on the basis of 3 factors: The period of ownership, the location of the property and the cadastral ground value. The plusvalía tax can easily be requested at the town hall where the property is located. By law, the plusvalía tax should be paid by the seller and it can be a substantial sum of money. Nevertheless, the plusvalía can be paid by the buyer if he has agreed to it.

Retentions – If you are a Non tax paying resident in Mallorca you will always need to pay 3% of the selling price . This is known as the Withholding tax and is called this as the buyer withholds this money from the transaction to hand over to the government ( as a security deposit against your Capital Gains Tax). If you follow the official Laws and file a Spanish Tax Return , you will have this money returned to you without delay .

We always recommend seeking the advice of a qualified lawyer or tax advisor to ensure that the information you receive is current and correct before you proceed with selling your property.

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