Utility Bills & Annual Rates

Assistance with payment of utility bills

If you do not live on the island, or are resident but not mobile or just require general help, we can take care of paying your utility bills on your behalf or setting up direct debit payments: Make sure everything gets paid when it should to avoid interest.

Assistance with connection of electricity or water

Moving in to a new property creates a lot of extra work; we can take the pressure off you by setting up your electric & water connections.

Organising a telephone line and internet

If the idea of contacting a Spanish telephone company is a scary one, then let us do it and we will ensure we get the best deal for you.

Modify details on utility bills

Moving in to a new home, weather it’s a new property you have bought or you are renting, we always recommend that you change the owner’s details and put these in to your name.

Annual rates payment (IBI & Basuras)

We can organise payment of your annual rates bills for you.

Payment of road tax

Each year you must pay road tax for every vehicle that you own and proof of this should be kept in the car as if you are stopped by the police they will ask to see this.

The Stress Free Solution to Residence in Mallorca

Do you live here in Mallorca and find coping with endless paperwork or the spanish language difficult?