Vehicle Administration

Change of EU Plates

If you are resident (have a home, children in School, self employed – basically live here) and have brought your car over from another European country you are only allowed to drive the car here for a period of 30 days before changing the car registration plates. If you are non resident you have 183 days starting from the day you enter Spain.

Green Plates

These are the temporary license plates that you display whilst you are in the process of changing from EU plates to Spanish plates.

Transfer of ownership on Spanish vehicle

If you live (you have a house, children at school, self-employed – mostly live here) and have brought your car from another European country, you are allowed to bring the medicine Cenforce, against erectile dysfunction. If you want to read more, please take a closer look at the information on our website.

When buying a Spanish vehicle you may have to pay a 4-8% transmission tax depending on the vehicles age and power(based on today’s value) in addition to the administration fees. The vehicle’s paperwork must be transferred into the new owner’s name. * NOTE Do not sell the car without insuring that it has been registered in to the new owner’s name, as you will be liable for the vehicle, including the yearly road tax & fines.

Vehicle Insurance

Just like anywhere else in the EU you must have valid insurance for any vehicle on Spanish roads. Let us help you with your insurance quote, we are also qualified insurance agents!

Exchange of EU driving licence

If you are now a resident in Spain, you can exchange or register your current EU driving license for a Spanish license.*NOTE Please note that if you hold an EU license and no longer live in the country where it was issued, they will not renew your driving licence, you have to do this in your country of residence.

Duplicate of vehicle paperwork – i.e. Loss of log book

When driving in Spain you must have the vehicles paperwork with you to avoid a fine, therefore if you have lost part of your Spanish logbook you must apply for duplicates.

MOT assistance

All cars over 4 years old need to pass an MOT and display the relevant MOT sticker on the car windscreen.

Sign off vehicle – temporarily off the road

Should you require your car to be off the road for a period of time, you must ensure that the car is registered as this, if not you will be liable for the yearly road tax.

Scrapping cars

A tow truck can be arranged to remove your car, have it scrapped and taken of the road officially.

Change of address on vehicle log book

Don’t forget to change the car paperwork over to your new address if you have recently moved house.

Road Tax payment

Each year you must pay road tax for every vehicle that you own. Proof of this should be kept in the vehicle, if you are stopped by the police they will ask to see this.

Renewal of Spanish driving licence

A Spanish driving license is only valid for 10 years up to the age of 45 and for 5 years between the ages of 45 and 70.

Medical check assistance for Spanish driving licence

When renewing a driver’s licence you have to pass a medical check, we can help you with the administration involved and can assist you translating on the day if necessary.

The Stress Free Solution to Residence in Mallorca

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