About us

Rebecca Bellafont Evans

CEO/Business Owner

Mallorca Solutions was founded in 2008 by Rebecca Bellafont Evans – CEO/Business Owner. The goal was to offer support to clients seeking services that require Spanish language and general day to day assistance with the never ending Spanish paperchase. A company with a multi-tiered raft of services aimed to help those living and relocating to Mallorca.

Having lived on the island my whole life I understand the Mallorcan ways inside out! I am multilingual and for this reason have always used my language skills in the workplace to great effect. As well as my profound knowledge of Mallorca and its practices, I have also gained tremendous experience in the tourism world, both here in Mallorca as well as in exotic destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, leading Ski resorts and cruise ships.

Jackie Evans (MY mum and inspiration) had more than 40 years experience living here on the island having worked in the tourism world, both as co-proprietor of Prima Travel Agency and previously with Thomson Holidays. The knowledge she gained from working in Calvia town hall for several years as an advisor in the Foreign Residents department was indispensable and gave me the idea to carry out extensive research across the island and found that there was a niche for this business in Mallorca.

Taking a leaf out of my mum’s book, I decided to set up a one stop shop and offer a service in what is a very complex, irregular and ever changing profession.

Customer Service with a smile has always been a top priority, my team and I take great pride to deliver a service second to none, ensuring our customers are well looked after in this complicated field. With great pleasure and pride I would like to introduce you to my “super” team!


The Stress Free Solution to Residence in Mallorca

Do you live here in Mallorca and find coping with endless paperwork or the spanish language difficult?